Modern Rockville Road

The project covers nearly three miles in Marion County between Raceway Road and I-465.

Girls School Intersection

Most of Rockville Road between I-465 and Raceway Road is five lanes wide – two through lanes in each direction with a center turn lane.

I-465 Junction

Rockville Road connects with the I-465 loop at an interchange that was reconfigured about 10 years ago.

Marion County Line

Rockville Road crosses the Marion-Hendricks county line at Raceway Road.

Railroad Bridge

Rail traffic north of the CSX yard in Avon crosses over Rockville Road.

Creek Bridge

A bridge carries Rockville Road over the East Fork of White Lick Creek.

Retail Businesses

Retail businesses are clustered near the intersections of Raceway Road, Country Club Road, Girls School Road and High School Road.

Traffic Lights

There are six traffic lights in the area between I-465 and Hendricks County.

Logistics Businesses

Several logistics businesses are clustered near Transfer Drive, between the Railroad Bridge and Girls School Road.